A New Dawn: Starting a Personal Shopper Brand

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These days have been tough. Asides from the fact that 2020 has been a living hell, it has been my personal hell. It was this year that I felt the sting of losing a loved one: my mother. For the most part, I’ve been jobless and very broke. There’s been debilitating heartbreak. But if there’s one thing I cannot deny, it’s that I’ve experienced a lot of growth. It is, indeed, true that (some) people become better during their time of challenge, although at the expense of your mental health sometimes.

I’ve worked on different projects this year, some of them more successful than the others. There’s been a lot of learning and unlearning. My writing has suffered greatly. I have not particularly lost the motivation to write. I still enjoy writing. But I have begun to lean toward the advice that someone I look up to once gave me about writing. He told me verbatim “I like to do a few things smartly and get paid a lot. Copywriting isn’t compatible with that ideology.” A few years down the line and those words are echoing in my mind, I can’t tell you how resoundingly true they are. But that’s a story for another day.

It is important that you do something that you have a passion for. This is especially true when it comes to starting a business. Not only will there be days where the only thing that fuels your business is your passion for it, but also when you have to recruit employees as well as pitch to investors, you need to be passionate to convince them. Every now and then, I find a new passion. Some of them have stuck with me and have yielded some good while there are others that I cannot even talk about lest I slump into a morose mood. After refusing to accept the tag for a long time, I’ve come to accept that I’m a dabbler. However, for some reason, I believe that I’ve finally found my million-dollar idea. This business idea I intend to make something big out of.

Recently, during one of my shopping sprees, I came upon a realization: Few activities give me the kind of fulfillment that I derive from shopping. Very few. It’s not like I didn’t always know, it wasn’t just as vivid as it was on that day. I have mentioned countless times, in passing, that I genuinely love and enjoy shopping. No matter how broke or tired or sad I am, I always find myself going to the supermarket to shop. It’s a thing of solace for me. I can do it all day long and not get tired of it. The idea of picking up new things (that serve different purposes) gives me a raging boner. Majorly, it’s domestic stuff (groceries, toiletries et al) that catches my interest (even though I have a general interest in shopping but as you sef know…). I’m fascinated by the idea of shopping for things to setup a home with to make it…homely.

I remember when I first became cognizant (though not completely) of my love for shopping. I was living in somewhere in Akoka, in a room that was the size of a shoebox. It wasn’t exactly my comfort zone but I managed to lay my head in there every night for more than six months. On that very day, I got back from work, knackered. My first instinct was to take a shower and jump into bed. Instead I dropped my bag and took a trip to the supermarket across my house. The supermarket has a strange name, My Mart. (Well, I wish it was mine). Like a man in possession of enormous wealth, I sauntered into the mart. I just kept picking up things; groceries, toiletries, air fresheners, body lotion, bathing soaps. I was so engrossed in the activity that I didn’t know I had spent nearly 30 minutes picking up different things. Omo. E remain small make I spend all my salary finish put for there.

Thinking about my love for shopping and how very often I’d like to do it, I have decided to take the love a step further. Alongside a couple of trusted people, I’m starting a personal shopper brand. The brand is going to cater mostly to young people — bachelors, spinsters, newly-wed couples — who find shopping (buying groceries, toiletries, alcohol & wines, kitchen equipment) challenging. It is primarily for people who would rather outsource shopping than suffer the stress of going to the supermarket without a clue on what they need or what to buy. If you are this person, I just want to let you know that your days of worrying have come to an end. As a matter of fact, your life is about to become significantly better.

It goes beyond just helping people to shop. I want to do more than that. I want to help people live better, make informed decisions as regards the products they buy through the brand. I want people to crave the comfort of their homes — like bees do nectar — when they are away at work or a social gathering. I want people to be proud of their homes because of how well it looks and feels, especially those who are still trying to figure this life thing out and find taking care of themselves and their immediate environment to be overwhelming. You don’t have to delay your friends or siblings visiting you because you’re lacking heavily in household fundamentals and your house is a mess. Imagine you, the typical 9–5er, not having to worry about stocking up groceries and still having knowledge on the products you use. Shopping evicted from your weekend schedule because you can easily do it through your phone, now you have more time to focus on other things while staying updated about the products (and brands) that keep your home together. Sign me up broooo.

“Tunde, I no go dey house this weekend o. I dey go Ibadan.” — the exact thing you told your side chick, Bisola, the previous week.

My strategy for the brand is pretty simple. Seeing as I don’t have excessive resources at my disposal to spend on traditional ads, social media (together with content marketing) is going to be my major means of promotion. The goal is to create a customer-friendly brand that consumers can relate with on a personal level through the use of valuable, informative, and most importantly, entertaining content. The brand will be positioned in such a way that it plays a vital role in the life of each costumer.

For a start, considering that there is no huge manpower, the brand will focus on the locality its situated (Gbagada, Yaba, Surulere and other areas close by). But never too worry, there’s a plan to expand as soon as possible, to be available throughout Lagos and to steadily expand till we are available all over the country, and hopefully, the entire continent.

The ultimate goal of the brand is to employ the use of technology to provide innovative solutions to grocery delivery business in this part of the world. In the nearest future, when the brand has earned for itself some reputation, I’ll not only be writing to you, I’ll be announcing effective digital platforms that will make the process of online grocery shopping and delivery simpler and much more fun.

Announcements will be made on social media when the brand is launching and how to request for the service of a personal shopper. Please take this mini survey and help us help you. Thank you!

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