Alpha P is What People Think Rema is (Musically)

I’m not writing this article to compare any of the mentioned acts. (Or maybe I am *evil grin*). After promising myself to desist from writing about artists and their craft, I find myself still being opinionated. Maybe it is a curse I can’t bid away. Especially as I believe that there is a certain misconception that should be corrected. Alpha P is what people think Rema is. I don’t say this to undermine the great work that Rema has invested in his sound. Rema is, and will continue to be, a talented act. Nothing can change that.

Inspiration Behind This Article

Rema and Alpha P in a Band

Rema’s Overnight Success

Who is Alpha P?

Before the release of the EP, I had heard about Alpha P before. As a matter of fact, I once met him at a friend’s place. He was unusually calm and appeared to prefer solitude. I also remember that another friend of mine played me some of his songs and boasted that the Nigerian audience wasn’t ready for him. He stated that Tiwa Savage is a big fan of Alpha P and strongly believes in his craft.

Alpha P and Rema: Similarities and Differences


The major difference between their sound, however, is in their respective vocal dexterity.


Image and Branding

Alpha P or Rema; Who’s a Better Act?

Rema’s sound is refreshing. He stormed the Nigerian music industry and switched things up. It didn’t take long before people started referring to Rema as the face of contemporary Afrobeats. Many people saw Rema as the messiah that was sent to save Afrobeats and if we are being honest, he has been playing a pivotal role in the proliferation of the genre. It is only logical to see Rema as the future of Afrobeats.

But, you see, I have to disappoint you a little. When it comes to the music, Rema’s sound doesn’t have the African flavor that characterizes Alpha P’s sound. Listening to Alpha P, there’s a richness in his sound. From his beguiling chants to his lyrical contents, the original Afro vibe is palpable. Alpha P is also a better singer than Rema. His sound is more cohesive and his lyrics are more mature. You should give his EP, King of The Wolves, a try and take some time to listen without seeing him through the same lens as you see Rema.

Now there have been rumors that Rema lifted Alpha P’s sound and made it his. That I do not know and frankly, there’s no reason to fuel the rumors. The two artists can cohabit in the Nigerian music industry and succeed beyond anyone’s imagination. Again, there’s no need for comparison that doesn’t have objective backing. (I know. I know. Rules are meant to be broken, right?)

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