Every artist should learn from Davido, his genius cannot be understated

Davido giving a speech at the 2018 BET Awards

There are times when I scroll through Instagram, and then after thirsting on pages of various strippers I return to a more important and engaging activity; check Davido’s Ig page and stories.

I do not like to identify as a ‘Davido fan boy’ because that would be a ridiculous understatement. I mean, this guy has the uncanny ability to make me lose my shits.

I want you, the reader of this article, to take a moment to think about Davido as a musical entity. It is completely undeniable that he is a hard worker. Or to be more specific, a smart worker.

David Adeleke made his way into the industry with Dami Duro (where it was obvious that his lyrical content was yet to be influenced by the Nigerian touch).

Gat my nigga B-red in the building/Counting money we chilling/Racks on racks till we hit the ceiling…

He would later confirm that the Yoruba aspect of the song was taught to him by his manager as at that time, Kamal. Kamal who said the singer is exactly like his father because of his business-savvy moves.

If anything, Davido has proven that as a Nigerian artiste, you can set up a good structure for your music career. If I could, I would drive around with a Megaphone (heck, I’d fly if I could) and scream at the top of my voice how music as a career should be approached.

It is not debatable that money played a huge role in the success of Davido as an artist, but it would be sheer buffoonery to credit it all to money. To say the least, Davido is yet one of the most strategic artists in Nigeria if not Africa.

I would like to state in no particular order the components that come together to make a good music career which Davido appears to be very proficient in;


What is promotion as regards to music?

Promotion is anything that sells or markets your brand to the audience or ensures its relevance and credibility or helps with a wider reach.

Promotion can come in different forms, but it’s advisable that you employ a strategy in your promotion so as to ascertain its effectiveness, to observe what works and does not.

Davido understands promotion as much as he does music. Regardless of his status, Davido still does radio tour. His online and digital image is well managed and represented.

He is present in nightclubs which unknown to many is a form of promotion. World tour? He is the African artist to have achieved the biggest world tour with his 30BG tour, visiting over 30 countries. You think he is here to play? Nah.


Asides Wizkid and a select few, Davido has collaborated with a whole lot of artists both local and international.

Davido made a song with Young Thug and Rae Sremmurd. Whutttttttt. It is an artist’s responsibility to reach out to other artists and make some fire music. It helps with reputation.

Davido has a high level of understanding of these things and he makes sure to utilize whatever opportunity comes his way. Is there stopping this guy? I strongly think not.


And the best way to do that is to give them quality stuff. Quality in all elements that your musical work consists of; sound/music production, lyrical content, professional mixing and mastering and compelling visuals.

These things are your arsenal to winning the hearts of the audience. Can you mention an artist that is more conscious of this than Davido? Except you want to commit sacrilege.

Hardly does he drop a song without the visuals. A strategy that has been employed by many leading artistes in the world including Beyonce.


Your management team is in charge of quite a number of things. From getting you shows/gigs to planning and executing the activities that make you an artist.

Meanwhile, your PR team serves as the communication link between you as an artist and the public via the media.

In case you had no idea, Davido is being managed by two different companies namely The Plug (Asa Asika and Bizzle Osikoya) and Stealth management (Efe One and Miss Amadi).

These two teams work together to put Davido at the level he currently is.

Davido is well on his way to becoming a legend if we are hesitating to brand him one already.

He was the first African artiste to be called on stage at the BET Awards to collect a prize.

He received an award for BET best International act of the year.

He has been dominating the Nigerian music industry for close to two years, dropping hits back to back and still working as hard as ever.

His album supposedly drops in September and judging from the material he’s churned out in the past months, it promises to be great.

I cannot wait for the album to do numbers because the anticipation is crazy.

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