Mayorkun needs to be taken more seriously

The Mayor of Lagos

Stretching on my raggedy ass bed — which I cannot deny that I’m in a serious relationship with, I picked my phone up and observed my morning ritual; juggling through all social media platforms from Twitter to Instagram to…Snapchat. WHAT IS GOING ON? What is this virus that is spreading so fast? My timeline is overly occupied with Mayorkun. Somewhere in Agege, an adolescent struggles to buy a data plan of 50mb and quickly logs on to Twitter to tweet some lyrics to a Mayorkun’s song that has evidently not been dropped officially.

How did we get here????

There’s an ongoing hullabaloo in the Nigerian media space and behind it is Mayorkun. Connected to his hands are strings with which he gleefully manipulates the media. People are chanting the lyrics to songs that are not available yet. If this isn’t sorcery, then I really don’t know what is.

Mayorkun made an entry into the music scene with his monster hit single, Eleko. I remember a particular day in Bariga while pacing through a throng of crowd and skillfully holding my trousers so that I don’t get to my destination without my phone, I heard a very distinct voice singing “Ori Iya mi Eleko!” For a brief moment, I thought it was a new invention of advertising only to realize later that it was Davido’s latest signee who composed a song so alluring that a listener’s ear secreted honey after the first listen. Mayowa Adewale came with a new sound that shook the pillars of the Nigerian music industry. His lyrics which are usually filled with exciting punchlines are extremely easy to sing along to while he delivers in a rhythmic appeal.

“Baby girl, you’re my desire. I no go leave you run away. Suit yourself like Jidenna…”

Every one of Mayorkun’s song is/was a certified banger. From Eleko to Mama to Bobo, it seems Mayorkun is in a competition with himself and is the only person who can outdo himself. Some weeks back on Twitter, popular music journalist, Joey Akan tweeted that;

The accuracy in this tweet is so palpable. I mean, since Mayorkun gained entry into the industry there has been no artist who has been able to match him.

Mayorkun has become a household name. He has been on US and UK tours, thrilling a large audience. He performed alongside Davido at the last Wireless event to over a crowd of 40,000 people. He has headlined different concerts both locally and internationally. He recently had his concert at Ibadan and it was a huge success with more than 13,000 people in attendance.

How many people dey Ibadan abeg?

And the mind-blowing thing is that this young man has achieved all of this without an album to his name. He has jumped on many features, conveniently murdering artistes on their own songs. One very amazing quality he possesses is his distinct sound — the way he knits punchlines like a rapper while singing.

His album is currently in the works and should drop soon. Before then, he would be dropping two new singles — Posh and Fantasy. Mayorkun and his team have successfully developed a strategy with which they ensure that his songs record commercial success and it has since been effective. His fans and audience at large are in crazy anticipation of his singles. There is no doubt that Mayowa Adewale is certainly treading the path to becoming one of the greats in the music industry in Nigeria and extensively, the world.

untethered. let the wings of freedom take me to an unknown destination faraway from here.

untethered. let the wings of freedom take me to an unknown destination faraway from here.