Quilox Anniversary 3.0

It is utterly unacceptable that you’re Nigerian and you don’t know the nightclub called Quilox. Except you don’t have all of the 5 senses. Or except you are a recluse and you have no access to the world. But if you’re not any of this yet somehow you have no idea what Quilox is then I’ll help you out.

Quilox, in simple terms, is the Malibu of nightclubs in Lagos. Quilox is that nightclub that you visit and you never want to leave for home or work in the morning. The luxury that the ambience promotes is enchanting. The richest and the wealthiest of men you’ll find there. The classiest of the feminine Homo sapiens species are the ones you only get to see. In summary, partying in Quilox is like being trapped in paradise.

And for those who know about Quilox and have visited it you know that each turn up day in that marvelous building is a tale to tell. A memorable experience. There’s always that unquenchable urge to squander your money. Even when there’s a chance that you won’t eat in the morning.

Then there are people who know about Quilox, but have never stepped foot in it. Aww. Pele. I’ll tell you one thing: You dey miss. Some have tried to gain entry, but they’ve been bounced like it’s the NBA. Well, get your money up and go join the aficionados as they turn up on a heavy.

The brains, the heart, the soul of Quilox is the legendary man known as Shina Peller. This man consolidated luxury, class and entertainment together to form Quilox and took nightlife to a whole nother level. Little wonder why he’s termed The King of nightlife. He is young, affluent, influential and extremely successful yet so humble.

Quilox came into existence three years ago and have maintained the position of the most luxurious nightclub. There are few organizations as consistent as Quilox is. Ah ah and tonight Quilox celebrates its 3rd anniversary. It’s definitely going to be a movie. Lagos is going to be brimming with people. The creamiest babes. The wealthiest men. Recession is taking a break today because the king of nightlife, Shina Peller is about to make Lagos go insane. All the top celebrities will be there tonight. Whatever you can project in your head that will go down tonight is 1/100th of whatever is going to go down. I imagine that the club will be so full that people will be outside turning up. Then there are those who are going to be victims of the bouncers. People like me. But that wouldn’t stop me from going there tonight.

Whatever happens I’ll let you guys know.

untethered. let the wings of freedom take me to an unknown destination faraway from here.

untethered. let the wings of freedom take me to an unknown destination faraway from here.